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We believe in the power of people coming together for a common cause. Co-ops were built upon the concept of collective power, knowing that when you multiply a single dollar by thousands you can create the resources to build something better, knowing that collectively we can do more, and when thousands of people come together the impact of a single individual is multiplied. There is nothing quite like a co-op.

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Shauna Gates

Cornerstone Co-op Owner

“Being a local Co-op owner means, Pride. I'm super proud to be a Co-op owner. It's my store and it feels good knowing you can come in and shop and the benefits are mine.”

Christopher Melnyk

Cornerstone Co-op Owner

“Being an owner means that you get that bit of pride, that you know you’re part of it and you get to see all the community involvement”

Samantha Dueck

Cornerstone Co-op Owner

“Being an owner at our local Co-op means that I get to put money back into our community.”

Your Co-op. Your Questions.

30,000 people in communities from St. Paul to Wainwright are the owners of Cornerstone Co-op, and owners get answers. Submit your question or use the sorting buttons or the search function below to view questions and answers from owners just like you.

It’s Your Co-op

As a co-op, each one of our members is an owner, and we believe that every owner’s voice is important—it’s one of the reasons we’re different.

Do I have to be a Co-op owner to receive sale prices?

Cornerstone Owners, Alberta

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Where can I use my Cornerstone Co-op Number?

Cornerstone Owners, Alberta

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Why are gas prices sometimes different in each Cornerstone community?

Cornerstone Owners, Alberta

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Can I use my Cornerstone Co-op Ownership Number at other locations?

Cornerstone Owners, Alberta

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Do you have to be an owner to shop at Cornerstone Co-op?

Cornerstone Owners, Alberta

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A Cornerstone of

Our Communities

With every purchase at Cornerstone Co-op you're making a difference in the life of your family, your neighbours and your community as a whole. As you go throughout your daily life you will see the impact your co-op makes in the community where we all live, work and play and you can always know that Your Co-op Cares.

In 2017 alone, your co-op gave $104,839 to the causes you care about in the community.

Our Mission is to Provide Outstanding Co-op Experiences that Connects our Members, Communities and Employees

Bags For Breakfast

An innovative program developed by Your Cornerstone Co-op, Bags For Breakfast donates $0.03 from every cloth reusable bag used in any one of our 6 Food Stores.  This money is used to fund healthy breakfasts for school children throughout our region, and in 2017 we were awarded the CRS Excellence in Sustainability, in part, because of this program!

Cornerstone Coop Scholarship
Scholarship Program

As part of our ongoing commitment to education, Your Co-op has developed a scholarship program to help local students excel in their post-secondary studies. Each year $4,000 is allocated to our Spirit of Youth Scholarship for local high school students. We have also rolled out our Lakeland College Agribusiness and Crop Tech Student Scholarship which provides two $500 scholarships for Lakeland College students.

ACCA Youth Camp
Co-op Youth Camp Program

Cornerstone Co-op is proud to support the Alberta Community and Co-operative Association annual Youth Camp held at the Goldeye Centre in Nordegg, Alberta.  We proudly sponsor up to 4 campers each year to attend this unique, skill-building camp.

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