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30,000 people in Cornerstone communities are the owners of Cornerstone Co-op, and as owners we know you have questions. Submit your question or use the sorting buttons or the search function below to view questions and answers from owners just like you.

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As a Co-op, each one of our members is an owner, and we believe that every owner’s voice is important—it’s one of the reasons we’re different.

Do I have to be a Co-op owner to receive sale prices?

Cornerstone Owners, Alberta

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Where can I use my Cornerstone Co-op Number?

Cornerstone Owners, Alberta

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Why are gas prices sometimes different in each Cornerstone community?

Cornerstone Owners, Alberta

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Can I use my Cornerstone Co-op Ownership Number at other locations?

Cornerstone Owners, Alberta

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Do you have to be an owner to shop at Cornerstone Co-op?

Cornerstone Owners, Alberta

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Cornerstone Conversations | FAQ

Why are you encouraging owners to ask questions?

At Cornerstone Co-op we believe in transparency for our owners, and we wanted to create a space for healthy dialogue between our owners and their co-op.

How old do I have to be to submit a question?

We do not knowingly collect information from anyone under the age of 18 years old. If you are under 18 and have a question about your co-op, feel free to email us.

Why do I need to have an co-op ownership number to submit a question?

Being an owner of Cornerstone Co-op means that you help to guide the direction of your co-op. While we value the feedback of everyone, this space is specifically designed for our 30,000 owners. If you would like to learn more about becoming an owner, click here.


Questions are rejected based on our posting policy found below.

Will I get notification when my question is answered?

Absolutely! We will notify you via email when your question has an answer available.

How can I have my question removed?

If you would like to remove your question, please indicate the specifics of your question submission and email us at [email protected]. We will make every reasonable effort to make sure your question is removed within 10 business days

How long does it take to get a question answered?

A question can be answered in a little as a few hours or as much as a few days. You can know that we are working to get your questions answered as quickly as possible!

Posting Policy

At Cornerstone Co-op we want to encourage healthy and productive conversations between our management and owners. As such, we have developed these posting policies to maintain the integrity of this communication platform.

  1. By submitting a question, you warrant and certify that you have the authority to submit said question and you are not impersonating any person or likeness other than yourself and that you are not infringing on any intellectual property or copyright restrictions.
  2. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to remove or reject any question that contains profanity, hate speech or slander, or that we deem to promote addictive substances, violence, or anything else that does not conform to human rights and other applicable legislation in the province of Alberta and the country of Canada.
From time to time there may be other reasons that a question is not approved. Your question may be rejected if:
  1. It's not about Cornerstone Co-op.
  2. It's not a question, but a subjective comment or statement.

If you have questions about this policy or anything found on this site, please email us at [email protected] or view our privacy policy.


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