At Cornerstone Co-op our owners

Make An Impact

Every time our owners, or any customers, visit our locations and make a purchase they can know that a portion of that is going back right into the communities where they live. If you are an organization with an event or cause that meets our support criteria, we welcome you to fill out the sponsorship request form below.


Sponsorship Request Form

We are proud to serve the communities where we live, work and play. If you are interested in a sponsorship or donation for your cause or event, please fill out this sponsorship request form.


Contribute Your Voice

Don’t miss out on your chance to contribute your voice to Cornerstone Co-op. Sign up to Let’s Talk Co-op today!

Online surveys conducted through Let’s Talk Co-op will allow you to contribute your thoughts on important initiatives at Cornerstone Co-op. In addition, you will be part of the larger Co-op community where you can help influence the Co-op experience for members across Western Canada.

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