Ownership Matters

At Cornerstone Co-op our owners make an impact. Going to a Cornerstone Co-op grocery store, or any one of our locations, is not like going to your average grocery store or gas station. Every time our owners, or any customers, visit our locations and make a purchase they can know that it is going right back into the communities where they live. Ownership is a full-cycle approach to business that ends up becoming a cornerstone of our communities.

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The Cornerstone of Our Communities

Being Community-Minded is about so much more than donating food from our grocery stores or sponsoring events. It’s about making an impact to provide a lifetime of benefits to individuals, families and communities. We’ve rolled out innovative programs that make a direct and lasting impression on the things our owners care about.

We are also proud to support your community fundraiser, whether you want to host a BBQ or car wash at our locations, or if you want to participate in a gift card reseller fundraiser. Contact our Community Engagement Coordinator for more information if you are interested in any of these fundraising opportunities.

Tonnes of Food Donated to Food Banks in 2018


in Scholarships Awarded

Organizations Supported in 2018


Invested in our Communities in 2018

Caring for our environment and promoting healthy breakfasts for children--it doesn't get better than this! This innovative program pioneered by your Cornerstone Co-op donates $0.03 every time someone uses a recyclable bag in our grocery stores.


Each year Cornerstone Co-op awards a $4,000 in scholarships to deserving students throughout our region. We are proud to award this scholarship in loving memory of Liane Plante. Applications open in the Spring of each year.


Each year, Cornerstone Co-op invests thousands of dollars directly in the organizations you care about. In 2018, our owners gave back $89,372 to 265 organizations throughout our region.


At your community co-op, we care. From electricity generating water faucets to our oily rags program, we are committed to investing in a healthy future for many future generations to come.


We actively encourage our team to volunteer in the community. From BBQs to Haying in The 30s Cancer Fundraiser, our team is out there making a difference—because they're owners too.


Co-operative leadership doesn't stop with Cornerstone Co-op. Retail Co-ops across western Canada, in partnership with FCL, are participating in exciting initiatives such as Fuel Good Day and Drink Pink—making impacts throughout our country.

Remaining Locally Invested with a strong Community-Minded approach supports Lifetime Benefits for owners and our community.

Good things happen when we work together.


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